My own arrangement, mix, and recording of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me.

A serenade for dlubes :)

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wish i played guitar but i sang a thing today

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here you go anon, here’s me belting

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My own arrangement and mix of Frank Ocean’s “Forrest Gump”

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This is a really rough sketch of my arrangement of “Are We Really Through” by Ray LaMontagne. Love this gorgeous song.

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My own arrangement/mix of “Royals” - Lorde

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gave this one another go today

"Map of Your Head" - Muse

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My first shot at “Map of Your Head” - Muse

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A better recording - my own arrangement of Jukebox the Ghost’s “The Spiritual”

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from a voice lesson today

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Another one I recorded with my uncle.

"Jolene" - my man Ray

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This is a song I recorded with my uncle earlier today. He wrote this many years ago about my grandma, who died when he was young. 

It’s something of a family favorite.

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