Anonymous said: I feel like you have a HUGE fucking dick wow

more like a huge FUCKING dick amirite

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Anonymous said: I have a great friend who I've known for 4 years. He's still a virgin and I'm not. But he asked me if I could pop his cherry? His main reason is he believes the first time having sex will be awkward and has complete trust in me. I want to do it. I'm curious if you would ever do it? Mind you it wouldn't change your friendship or anything.

It doesn’t matter whether I’d do it or not. He asked you. He trusts you, not me. If you want to do it, and you trust him too, then do it. But only if you both want it.

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Anonymous said: I wish you could just fuck me right now. We kiss, we hold hands, and ejaculate inside me while listening to the last time by Ariana Grande. :)

i’m deleting

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a.b. miner

guy sargent | mind blowing pictures.

Helmut Lang & Jenny Holzer, Various Texts installation at the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, 2001

Launched more than 11 years ago
Has traveled 475 million kilometers away from the Sun
and 479 million kilometers away from Earth
and more than 6.5 billion kilometers worth of accumulated distance
and settled into a close orbit of Comet 67P/CG getting ready to land a probe on that fucker on November 11, 2014
but first, let ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft’s Philae lander take a selfie.

Anonymous said: i want you to fuck me so hard that i cant help but bray like your own personal fuck-horse. ride me master

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081914_114_stitch by nikokaps on Flickr.

Illustration from ‘An ABZ of Love,’ Kurt Vonnegut’s favorite vintage Danish guide to sexuality. (x)

Anonymous said: I like the slight flush of colour in your cheeks

… do i have that?

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New Aurora Australis shot from Expedition 40


cure my hangover pls

This is a hot hungover look!

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