If Andromeda were brighter, this is how it would look in our night sky. They’re all out there, we just can’t see them
Distance to Earth: 2,538,000 light years

 Kyffin Williams_Morfa Conwy

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… the last thing i reblogged was a photograph of a group of women in hijabs, i think youve misunderstood something

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“Bunch of Violets and Fan”, 1872, Edouard Manet.

Alexandre Cabanel (French, 1823-1889) Angel, study for The Lost Paradise 1863-1867.


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if you like musicals i would highly suggest listening to ‘fun home’ because the music amazing and like lets celebrate queer narratives and queer female narratives at that

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Sascha Schneider aka Rudolph Karl Alexander Schneider (German, b. 1870, Saint Petersburg, Russia, d. 1927) - Untitled (Study Of A Reclining Male Nude With Tucked Up Legs), 1894     Drawings: Pencil, Charcoal, White Highlights on Grey Paper

NGC 2440