spit on me

The Model, 1908, Thomas Eakins

condensation (b) by peterdodds on Flickr.

Tom Cabrera - Portrait
more EXQUISITEness inside

put ur booty on me pls

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Bubble Nebula - NGC 7635 by Steve’s Astrophotography on Flickr.


so i can check the manhole off my bucket list

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Anonymous said: have you ever been in love? if so, how was it?


i dont know if i have been tbh. i’ve cared very deeply for a few people and i’m still working on getting over some heartbreak. it’s always a risk to make yourself that vulnerable to someone, but i’d like to think it’s worth it- it says something about you, and about the other person, that you’re able to completely give yourself over to the other in that way.

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Anonymous said: fuck, marry, kill. your choices are: johnny depp, alec baldwin, and jake gyllanhael.

Fuck Johnny, marry Jake, kill Alec

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hey join this tinychat or ur dead to me

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